Carmel Cavite by Crownasia

Carmel Cavite

Project Type : House & Lot
Listing Type : Preselling
Units : House & Lot
Price: 5,767,240 & Up
Address : Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor, Cavite
Location : Bacoor , Cavite PH Carmel Cavite Crownasia Carmel Cavite Carmel Cavite Crownasia Carmel Cavite Bacoor

Carmel Cavite - Carmel Cavite
Carmel Cavite
Carmel Cavite - Calista Model House
Calista Model House
Carmel Cavite - Fitzgerlad Model House
Fitzgerlad Model House
Carmel Cavite - Newberry Model House
Newberry Model House
Carmel Cavite - Clubhouse
Carmel Cavite - Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Carmel Cavite - Site Development Plan
Site Development Plan
Carmel Cavite - Location Map
Location Map

Crownasia Carmel Cavite Carmel Cavite Crownasia Carmel Cavite Bacoor

The Carmel Bacoor is anything but ordinary. Once you enter the premises of this California-inspired house and lot community in the heart of Bacoor, Cavite, you are treated with a magical spell that will take away the loneliness from you while making your family more convenient. With an array of American-style home units, combined with Crown Asia’s signature design, the Carmel Bacoor is unique among any other community developments in Cavite. These home units come in 2 to 3-Story townhouses with extraordinary lot cuts (ranging from 75 to 110sqm) so big your children will have extra space for their playful mood while your wife will have enough space for her garden and lawn.


The Carmel Bacoor housing units also have some of the most spacious floor areas in the industry. Coming in with floor areas that range from 84 to 86sqm, your brand new home is like a walled paradise that breathes and provides natural light and pristine sunlight to brighten up your everyday life. As your face to the world, the windows of these elegant homes are built wider and bigger and styled just like classic California’s Carmel-at-sea country homes.


Moreover, as you invest in this once-in-a-lifetime endeavor, you will be blessed with the best return on investment (ROI) guaranteed at 10% per annum (minimum). This is because of the Carmel at Bacoor’s strategic location (Bacoor, Cavite); a well-respected and trusted real estate developer (Crown Asia, a proud member of Vista Land); a housing unit that is built to perfection: and a well-thought-of community with an evolving and continuous development courtesy by Crown Asia. Furthermore, while you are living in a wonderful world, you will never realize that your investment keeps growing over the years while your family does too!

Available Units

Carmel Cavite
Carmel Cavite Fitzgerlad Fitzgerlad Fitzgerlad Bacoor, Cavite
5,767,240 PHP
Hot   1   84 sqm   yes
Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor, Cavite , Bacoor , Cavite PH Fitzgerlad Fitzgerlad Fitzgerlad Bacoor
Carmel Cavite
Carmel Cavite Calista Calista Calista Bacoor, Cavite
6,113,472 PHP
Hot   1   86 sqm   yes
Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor, Cavite , Bacoor , Cavite PH Calista Calista Calista Bacoor
Carmel Cavite
Carmel Cavite Newberry Newberry Newberry Bacoor, Cavite
6,588,220 PHP
Hot   1   85 sqm   yes
Aguinaldo Highway, Bacoor, Cavite , Bacoor , Cavite PH Newberry Newberry Newberry Bacoor

Carmel Cavite Price List

Carmel Cavite Price List
Unit Name
Price (₱)
5,767,240 PHP
Bacoor, Cavite Bacoor, Cavite, Fitzgerlad
6,113,472 PHP
Bacoor, Cavite Bacoor, Cavite, Calista
6,588,220 PHP
Bacoor, Cavite Bacoor, Cavite, Newberry